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Customer Photos below.  They are NSFW!


What V4 beta testers are saying:

I've been trying out the FIT v4 for a month now, and let me tell you, it's a total game changer! What sets it apart? Comfort, and lots of it. This thing is made entirely of soft silicone, and it feels like it’s barely there – I've comfortably worn it for over 12 hours stretches on long work days!

The FIT v4 works with gentle, steady pressure, kind of like the t-tape method. Sure, you can pump it up quite a bit, but it's not about maxing out the pressure (get the v3 if you want lots of pressure for shorter periods). It’s more about that consistent, gentle stretch. This is probably why it's so comfortable.

There's a bit of a learning curve, mainly because the whole device is soft silicone. Getting it attached properly took me a bit of practice, but once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing. A pro tip from my experience: pair it with the tugging attachment and an elastic band. This combo really helps target both inner and outer skin growth effectively. I'd also recommend ditching the inflation bulb and just attaching a tube to make everything more pocket friendly.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the FIT v4 is its incredible staying power. As a bit of a stress test, I decided to take it on a 40-mile bike ride, and I was blown away by the results. Throughout the entire journey, the device stayed securely attached and fully inflated, never once slipping or losing pressure. This endurance, especially under the physical demands of cycling, really speaks volumes about its reliable design and the firm grip it maintains. It's reassuring to know that whether you're going about your day or engaging in more intense activities, the FIT v4 stays exactly where it's supposed to be.

If you're on the lookout for a foreskin restoration device that's comfortable for all-day wear and gets the job done, the FIT v4 is definitely worth a shot. It's been a major win for me!

  • I've been using it more as a balloon device lately.   Strangely satisfying for some reason.

  • This one may end up as my goto! What’s his name?

  • Wow Walter! You've out done yourself! This new FIT is incredibly comfortable and it stays in place wonderfully. Tried it on my bike ride into work this morning as a stress test to check leakage and grip. Only a little 10 mi ride, but v4 performs like a champ! I've been inflated for the past 3.5 hours now and it's very comfy! Much prefer a little lower pressure for extended wearing time (more the t-tape philosophy). Putting the new device on will definitely require a bit of practice and a different strategy. 

  • Maggie (testers lap dog) was restless all day yesterday. On and off my lap. Still didn’t manage to deflate after 3 hours of that!

  • Question about the ridges on the inner gripper, help or hindrance?

    • I think they help.​

    • I agree. Just that little extra.

    • I thought they'd be an impediment when I first looked at the new device. Now I agree, that bit of extra surface area definitely improves the grip and there's no negative impact!

  • I put a little bit of skin lotion on my glans before attaching the V4, which makes it more comfortable to wear. I have done this with any balloon device I have used.

  • Question asking a FIT L user how the V4 fits:

    • Nicely. I rather like that it's squishy! Comfortable with no hard spot, occasionally I'd bump into something It seats on myself like a hat.​

  • ​One more thing; I can wear this new V4 longer than the V3. My usual length is 2 maybe 3 hours, this one, 4 up!

Customer survey responses for FIT V3:

CI and if foreskin can make it up to the gripper:

  • CI 2: It can, usually I just put it up to the top set of gripper ridges.

  • CI 3: all the way up the bell & Yes, it extends all the way.

  • CI 3.5: Can extend my skin up the entire bell manually

  •              Skin extends all the way up but then there's none left to stretch sooooo...i go to the 2nd line

  • CI 4 : I can roll my skin all the way up, but if I just do a quick roll without tugging the skin ends up where the bell               begins to curve.

  • CI 4:  I tend to get about 3/4 up the bell, mostly due to my preference but I could most likely cover the entire bell              if I so desired.

  • Above CI 4: Yes.

Helpful Tips:

  • Be patient trying to put  the FIT on. There are little tricks and practice in coordination of holding skin in place with one hand and then rolling down the gripper.

  • Don't use lotions or cocoa butter just before using FIT. Rinse it just before. Works really well after a nice warm shower.  Keeping pubes trimmed back or shaved, it can save some ouchies.

  • With every type of inflation hook-up there is a leakage. I have added a silicone "O-ring" (3/4" I.D.) at the top, virtually eliminating the small amount of air leakage. As a reminder, the skin and the device need to be cleaned of any body oils. After washing with warm soap and water, I wipe the Fit with an alcohol-soaked tissue, and then allow it to air dry.  

  • Put tape on the device to make the skin hold 

  • You should have a little coverage before you start to use a device like this.

  • The “FIT” is a very useful tool for helping inner foreskin growth for me! It has a very good seal on the foreskin and never have had a “blowout”! In my opinion, FIT is probably the best inflation device you can purchase.

  • Take it easy as you pump in the air, you can really put a lot of tension on the skin quickly!

  • Make sure you stop filling air once the skin starts to slip.  

  • You are definitely going to need to be in the advanced stages of restoring. I am uncertain if this device will work for men that are below a CI 6. When choosing your size, consider the opening of your skin tube. I didn’t find the glans diameter to be a good judge for me.

  • Sometimes it seems that the barrel is just a bit big. Don't give up; if you grip your foreskin around the barrel and then work the edge of the foreskin so that it is just beyond the bottom of the barrel your foreskin will eventually encompass the barrel. 

  • Make sure the screw on the bulb is closed.  If the gripper hurts, it is time to take a break.  Inflate to the point it starts to burn then back off.  Don’t leave the bulb attached to the FIT after inflating. 

  • Make sure you wash both your penis and the device because if there are any secretions or natural oils it can cause the device to slip off on inflating

  • I  usually start off with low pressure then increase pressure till the skin starts to slip and stop at that point and wear it until it gets uncomfortable about 3 hours  

Comments about the FIT:

  • Super product Walter. I put my HRDA away till I get more skin. Your product is far superior for those of us who are starting Under CI-3

  • I am a very satisfied user of the FIT V2. It is easy to put on, it seals very well and holds the inflation for a very long time. I wish I had a FIT V2 when I was first working with inflation as a foreskin restoration method as it’s the best inflation device that I have tried.

  •  I have now owned 3 inflation devices, yours is hands down the best from a design and ease of use perspective. I had to alter the Hyper Restore to make it work as intended and the TLC product wasn’t worth the postage.

  • I have or have tried "every" type of restoring device. With the Fit's versatility, it's my go-to appliance.

  • I hope you never stop developing your device with new features. 

  • When measuring for the FIT, I believe the diameter/width of the shaft would be more appropriate than the glans. I think I would have a bit better comfort if I would have gotten the original FIT, but I went up to the next size since it said to measure the width of my glans. Rolling my foreskin over the bell is very tight, but it goes over it. I think the original would have been a better choice for me and my shaft skin probably.  I truly believe the FIT is probably the best inflation device out there. Very sturdy, and well made.

  • The FIT is ALOT better than the DTR, ALOT. :)

  • "Only widely available device that can be used as regular dual tension, air inflation and attachable weight in any combination."

  • Restoring your foreskin is The Best thing you can do for yourself .   Emotionally and Physically  / Make yourself Whole 

  •  I think is that you have the best inflation product out there. But I think you should pound your chest a little more because it’s amazing. 

  • The FIT is a fantastic FR device. It does not leak or lose pressure as do other inflation devices. 

  • The valve is fantastic, Delrin design is great! 

                                                           FIT V2/3 with
FIT V2/3 with Weight                  Tugging Attachment                               FIT V4

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